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The WORLD is Your Playground!


Urban Escapade develops and hosts themed scavenger hunts and virtual events for all occasions, plus so much more. We've taken the traditional scavenger hunt to the next level using social media, heritage and multimedia while maintaining the traditional scavenger hunt elements.

Our one-of-a-kind virtual experience, taking scavenger hunts, escape rooms and interactive games can take your events to the next level. Using your smartphone or computer device, you can join in on one of our live games through Zoom or Microsoft Teams, or arrange for us to create one for you!

We are heavily entrenched with the local Hamilton community, and aim to showcase the very best of Hamilton, past, present and future with our games and live events! During the current COVID-19 pandemic, our aim is to continue to connect people through our virtual escapades, one game at a time! 

Our Mission: To deliver unforgettable social distancing events for our clients, in order to keep them both connected and safe! 


We can embed your corporate hyperlinks, codes, coupons, and websites into our app our games to expand your branding and promotional campaigns! 


We offer unique and themed games to optimize your social events through creative challenges and storytelling! Hamilton is our narrative! 


We offer one of a kind challenges and experiences with themes and customizable elements!


We offer virtual consultations for private and corporate events to ensure we your desired experiences to life!